Lauritzen Inc. Solar Tracker Controllers

Lauritzen Solar Tracker Controllers

Lauritzen Inc. is a Silicon Valley ‘startup’ that has been in business since 2006. We believe we make the best controllers for solar PV trackers avaiable. Our products are unique as they can control single or dual axis trackers of various configurations. These controllers are designed to control DC motors (or linear acturators). We have configurations for single units or utiltiy scale fields. Our controlers can utilize input from weather stations, limit switches, and inclinometers.  The controllers are accessible remotely via the Internet or locally with an Iphone/Ipad application.

Our PIC based microcontroller circuits are RoHS compliant and manufacturing is outsourced to established local Silicon Valley vendors who have demonstrated a history of quality work. Our circuit boards are manufactured by Sierra Circuits Inc. and assembled with the latest state-of-the art SMD equipment at Meritronics Inc. Both vendors are ISO9001 certified and have been suppliers to Silicon Valley high-tech companies for many years.

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Senior Software Engineer at Lauritzen Inc.

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