Last Energy Bill Push for Solar Energy

Anyone paying even the slightest attention to current energy issues knows that a comprehensive Energy Bill has passed both the House and Senate, and is now in the final process of conference between the House and Senate before it can be signed by the President.

Washington, D.C. – September 24, 2003 [] Depending on it’s final form, the Energy Bill could have many positive or detrimental effects on both the solar energy industry and the environment that the industry’s technology helps to protect. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) stresses that these next few weeks are the final chance to positively influence the outcome of the final bill – and these Energy Bills only tend to come around once every 10 years or more. While the fossil fuel lobby may be well represented and even better financed, SEIA said there is substantial grassroots support for more domestic, sustainable energy systems like solar energy in the U.S. In an effort to mobilize the grassroots support spread far and wide in the U.S., SEIA has created a draft letter which can be customized by any user to send to representatives in a final push for solar energy. In its effort to mobilize support, SEIA is asking supporters who reside in the district of any conferees to contact their representatives, requesting moderate tax credits, a balanced renewables portfolio standard, and the universal ability to connect to the electrical grid – this may be your last chance to influence an Energy Bill that will have overarching impacts. The steps are simple, and in great numbers, could make a significant impact. Click the link below to get involved and make a difference in the future of solar energy.


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