Last Day to Submit Abstracts for the Photovoltaics World Conference

We are now accepting abstract submittals for the 2011 Photovoltaics World Conference program. Submit your abstracts on-line by August 13, 2010 using our on-line submission form at Abstracts should be 200-400 words in length and address all key points of the issue/project/technology to be covered in your presentation. The event will be held March 8-11, 2011 in Tampa, Florida, at the Tampa Convention Center.

Co-located with Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo, Photovoltaics World Conference 2011 will provide a forum dedicated to the manufacture, distribution, and implementation of solar power produced by photovoltaic solar cells.

Estimates vary, but the installed capacity of PV systems is expected to grow some 68% in 2010, reaching 8.6 GW globally. However, cost reductions will be required in an effort to keep up with the price declines and to address shrinking profit margins. While technology advances continue to result in record-breaking cell efficiencies, more needs to be done to keep manufacturing costs low.

A program of two technical tracks will showcase the latest advances in solar cell design and manufacturing, including crystalline silicon, thin film and concentrated PV. We’ll also be covering the other elements that are involved in the generation and distribution of solar power. This includes the “balance of system” components (i.e., wiring, inverters and brackets) that can make up half the cost of a PV installation, as well as PV system installation. Issues related to the technology selected for utility-scale solar installations versus that for residential roof-tops and smaller scale installations will also be covered.

Photovoltaics World Conference 2011 is your opportunity to keep yourself up to date on the technology and market, present your results to the community and network with colleagues.

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