Largest Solar Roof To Be Built In Amsterdam

Siemens Solar Industries will install 19,000 solar panels on the roof of a building in The Netherlands to create the largest solar roof in the world.

CAMARILLO, California, US, 2001-03-21 <> The Dutch power utility Nuon has placed an order with Siemens Nederland N.V. in The Hague for the 25,000 square metres of photovoltaic panels to be installed at the Floriade 2002 international horticultural exhibition in Amsterdam. The total surface area of the PV installation is equivalent to three soccer fields, and the peak power output of the facility will be 2.3 megawatts. Siemens Nederland, a subsidiary of Siemens Solar Industries, will deliver the solar plant as a turnkey project. The first PV panels will be installed in April with the plant becoming operational this December. The solar modules will function both as the roof for a semi-open glasshouse and as an electrical plant that will generate electricity for the local grid. Siemens Solar will use its semi-transparent PV module which will allow sunlight to pass through to the plants and flowers. Siemens Solar Industries, is based in California, and is one of the largest manufacturers of PV cells and modules in the world. The company has received awards for its PV technology and is one of the largest suppliers of solar panels in the U.S.

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