LADWP Offers Major Solar Incentives

The utility in Los Angeles is almost finished installing a 400 kilowatt solar PV system on the city’s convention centre.

LOS ANGELES, California, US, 2001-06-25 [] The utility in Los Angeles is almost finished installing a 400 kilowatt solar PV system on the city’s convention centre. The project by the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power includes a total of 5,200 PV modules on the facility to generate 400 kW of electricity. The roof of the parking structure will have 3,300 modules, to generate 250 kW of green energy. The system is part of an aggressive solar program funded by LADWP to install PV systems at 35 municipal buildings, including most branch libraries and many parks, every year for the next five years. “This summer, we can beat the heat by making every kilowatt hour count,” says city councillor Mark Ridley-Thomas at a ceremony last week. “Solar installations, like those being constructed at the Los Angeles Convention Center facilities, and energy conservation are powerful LADWP programs mitigating the potential for long-term environmental disaster from global warming while keeping the lights on in California this summer.” Ridley-Thomas was joined by LADWP general manager David Wiggs, Convention Center general manager George Rakis, Brian D’Arcy of the IBEW, actor Ed Begley Jr. and other environmental activists, city officials and community leaders. The ceremony was to usher in the summer solstice and kick LADWP’s summer conservation campaign into high gear. It was noted that 80,000 customers in Los Angeles have signed up to purchase green power, and another 43,000 are involved with other energy reduction and greening incentive programs offered by the utility. In the last year, these programs have conserved 24.5 megawatts, enough power for 12,000 homes. Energy conservation efforts in Los Angeles are expected to save an additional 25 MW this summer, which is more than double the goal of 12 MW set for the city by the state of California. “Our customers have been good neighbors,” explains Wiggs. “We have already saved the 24.5 megawatts during the past year due to customer participation in our energy efficiency programs.” “Angelenos have strongly embraced LADWP energy efficiency programs,” adds the utility’s Angelina Galiteva. “From super-efficient air conditioners and lighting systems to installations of solar systems, cool roofs, chillers and more, residents and businesses have taken personal ownership of the L.A. environment.” A total of $16 million in incentives from the California Energy Commission has been earmarked for LADWP programs over the next two years, but high demand is expected to see LADWP spend all the funds by the end of this summer. The incentives are the largest in the utility’s history.
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