Kyocera Solar Provides Off-Grid Power to Bolivia

Enersol, a Kyocera Solar dealer in Bolivia, will be installing 443 residential photovoltaic (PV) systems in the Santa Cruz towns of El Torno and Porongo through a collaborative effort led by the Bolivian Vice Ministry of Electricity and Alternative Energy, working with the United Nations Development Program (UDNP).

Santa Cruz, Bolivia – September 16, 2004 [] Each system includes one Kyocera 50 watt PV module and batteries to store solar electricity for nighttime use. The systems provide homes with enough power to operate a small radio, television, and basic lighting – replacing the kerosene lamps, candles, and disposable dry-cell batteries that are commonly used for such applications in rural areas. According to a 2001 census report, 4,551 homes in these two towns lack access to the electric grid. When completed later this month, the 443 PV installations, totaling just under 22 kW, will provide basic electricity for approximately 10 percent of the towns’ populations. “While I am not too keen on subsidized projects, this one was worthwhile because it provides clean electricity to a good number of people who could not have afforded the solar electric systems on their own,” Enersol President Eduardo Lozada. The company has installed nearly 20,000 PV systems since 1986. The project, which is to be completed this month, was funded in part by the United Nations Development Program; Emprender, a private lending agency; Fondsif, a Bolivian government agency; and private homeowners.
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