Kyocera, Outback Team up on Large Off-Grid Project

Although grid-tied systems, particularly those in California, seem to get all the attention these days, there still are plenty of off-grid battery back-up projects going up. In a recent example, Kyocera Solar just shipped the largest OutBack power panel built to date in North America. It is installed at a new 4,000 sq. ft. off-grid residence in Cabo San Jose, Mexico. The system contains ten 2.5 kW OutBack inverters (FX2548T), 120 Kyocera 125G modules and thirty-six 1350 amp hour batteries to supplement a 42 kW propane-powered electrical generator. The batteries will power the home’s entire electrical load through the inverters during monthly maintenance and potential propane shortages. The 4,050 amp hour battery bank is capable of storing approximately a three-day supply of power. Northern Arizona Wind and Sun, which sold and installed the system, plans to complete the project by October 30, 2004.


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