Kyocera Introduces Solar PV Systems in Japan

April 16, 2003 [] Kyocera Corporation has announced the introduction of two types of residential solar power generation systems to the Japanese market. Kyocera will release the Samurai, a roof installation type system primarily for ready-built houses, on June 2, 2003 and Heyban, a roof material type primarily for new houses, on October 1, 2003. The Samurai eliminates the existing structural frame of the solar module, it consists of a frameless edge cover solar module, revamping the conventional concept, the junction box of standard specification and a power conditioner. The module is now in a dramatically thinner, smaller and lighter form compared with that of the existing Kyocera product (R158-02). The Heyban is a solar power generation system of the roof material-type that works with flat tiles. Flat tile roofing materials are now used in nearly 40 percent of newly built houses in Japan. The Heyban comes in long and short modules with a width equivalent to five tiles or four tiles, designed based on the size of a standard flat tile, so that they work seamlessly into flat tile roofing construction.


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