Kyocera Begins Production in China

Production of Kyocera solar modules will begin in the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area from October this year, with the approval by the Chinese Tianjin government to establish a solar cell production/sales company, Kyocera Solar Energy Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan – June, 11, 2003 [] Kyocera is the first Japanese company to establish PV production facilities in China and the plant will be the first solar cell production site that Kyocera has established overseas. The new company, Kyocera Solar Energy Co., Ltd., is a joint venture funded by Kyocera Corporation and Chinese Tianjin Yiqing Group Co., Ltd. The business includes the development, design and manufacture of solar modules and systems, and the sales, construction, maintenance and after-sales services of solar power generation systems in China. Currently, Japanese solar cell makers hold approximately a half share of the total shipments worldwide, playing a leading role in the market. The production scale in this plant is expected to reach 12MW per year by the end of 2004, the largest capacity in China today. By establishing a new production site, Kyocera will continue to promote the solar energy business worldwide, including China, where significant market growth can be expected in the future said the company.


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