Konarka Tests Inkjet Printed Solar Cells

Konarka Technologies, Inc. has announced that is has successfully conducted its first-ever demonstration of manufacturing solar cells with efficient inkjet printing. The demonstration confirmed that the company can process organic solar cells with printing technologies with little or no loss compared to “clean room” semiconductor technologies such as spin coating.

The most popular printing tool for organic electronics, inkjet printing could become a smart tool to manufacturer solar cells with multiple colors and patterns for lower power requirement products, like indoor or sensor applications. Inkjet printing is considered very promising because the polymer devices can be fabricated very easily because of the compatibility with various substrates and it does not require additional patterning.

“Demonstrating the use of inkjet printing technology as a fabrication tool for highly efficient solar cells and sensors with small area requirements is a major milestone,” said Rick Hess, president and CEO at Konarka. “This essential breakthrough in the field of printed solar cells positions Konarka as an emerging leader in printed photovoltaics.”


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