Konarka Acheives 6% Efficiency for Organic Solar PV Cells

Konarka Technologies Inc., announced that the National Energy Renewable Laboratory (NREL) has verified that the material class within Konarka’s portfolio of flexible organic based photovoltaic (PV) solar cells has demonstrated 6% efficiency performance.

“Achieving the power conversion efficiency of 6% for this relatively young material class is an important milestone,” said Dr. Alan Heeger, Konarka’s chief scientist. “Increasing the efficiency and performance of organic based photovoltaic (PV) solar cells at this rate is bringing us closer to making solar electricity from photovoltaics cost-competitive with conventional forms of electricity.”

The results were achieved by Dr. Heeger as part of the Sustainable Development Technology Canada program, which provides funding to partners Université Laval, the National Research Council of Canada and Saint Jean Photochimie for the development of low cost printable organic solar cells. Konarka is the program’s U.S. industrial solar cell partner.

Konarka has collaborated with the group for the past four years, and recently obtained the exclusive license for a new family of photoactive polymers called polycarbazoles (PCZ). Dr. Heeger integrated the material into his cell architecture and has advanced the performance, as verified by NREL.

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