Kinko’s Expands Green Power Purchases

In another expansion of its commitments to Renewable Energy, Kinko’s Inc. has partnered with Strategic Energy, a supplier of green electricity to allow 47 Kinko’s stores in Texas to fulfill a portion of their energy needs from green sources. This agreement represents the first time Kinko’s has signed a multi-market green power agreement to power their stores with renewable resources.

Dallas, Texas – April 29, 2003 [] “Caring for our communities and the environment is one of Kinko’s core values,” Glenn Shiroff, operations director for Kinko’s said. “Our new relationship with Strategic Energy helps us fulfill that promise by increasing our green power purchases throughout the great state of Texas. We also expect to see a measurable drop in our annual energy bills, which is great news for any business.” The new agreement is expected to result in Kinko’s purchasing approximately 1.6 million kWh of Renewable Energy each year. A purchase of this size offsets CO2 emissions as much as removing 204 passenger vehicles from the road. This is also the equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorbed by 760 acres of U.S. forest land. “Our green power partnership with Kinko’s reflects an important responsibility we have as a national energy manager — a responsibility we really value,” said Rick Zomnir, president and CEO of Strategic Energy. “Green power assistance is just one more facet of the complete energy services we offer all commercial and industrial customers. We are proud to support Kinko’s environmentally-conscious team throughout our multi-year agreement in Texas and are also proud to provide Renewable Energy opportunities in every competitive state Strategic Energy serves.” Kinko’s first began purchasing green power at five Austin, Texas stores in 2001 through Austin Energy, a relationship that continues today. Branches participating in the new agreement with Strategic Energy are located in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Midland/Odessa, Tyler and Wichita Falls. Kinko’s made its first Renewable Energy purchases in 1999. The company currently buys green power at more than 210 branches in 13 states for an estimated 13.7 million kWh per year. With more than 70 percent of its stores in Texas buying Renewable Energy, Kinko’s now purchases green power at more branches in Texas than in any other state.
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