JCPenney, SunPower & Integrys Complete 2-MW of Solar Power Systems

Integrys Energy Services Inc., and SunPower Corp. have installed SunPower solar power systems on five JCPenney stores in New Jersey, totaling approximately 2 megawatts (MW) of capacity. The initiative is part of a commitment by JCPenney to host 3.7 MW of solar systems between these five New Jersey stores and four stores in California.

The systems installed on the nine stores will fall within a range of 259-602 kilowatts. Each system in New Jersey is owned and operated by Integrys Energy Services Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Integrys Energy Group Inc., under a SunPower Access power purchase agreement.

“JCPenney is piloting this project to explore how we can best support the development of clean energy technologies as part of our comprehensive social responsibility program,” said Michael Taxter, executive vice president and director of JCPenney stores. “Each new rooftop solar installation is a step in the right direction for addressing climate change and diversifying the energy supply.”

In conjunction with the solar panel installations, JCPenney upgraded lighting components at each of the five stores to improve the stores’ energy efficiency. The company said that it anticipates the solar power systems will generate the equivalent of 25 percent of each store’s total energy demand.

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