Italian Solar Market Has 42 MW of Mecasolar Trackers

Spanish company Grupo OPDE’s subsidiary Mecasolar, which designs, manufactures and installs solar trackers and other equipment for solar power plants in Europe and elsewhere, announced that by the end of 2010, it expects to have installed globally more than 22,000 solar trackers with a total power of 282 MW.

The company also said that 4200 trackers would be installed in Italian solar power plants by the end of the year, for a total solar power tracker capacity of 42 MW in that country.  Grupo OPDE said that number makes it the largest PV tracker manufacturer in Italy.

Mecasolar makes a 2-axis tracker that it says can increase PV power output by more than 35% compared to fixed installations.  Its azimuth 1-axis seasonal trackers increase production by up to 28% compared with fixed structures and require a minimum space of 2.51 hectares/1MW (6.2 acre-1MW) , according to the company.  It has five factories in Spain, one in Greece and another in California, USA.

The company plans to exhibit its products at upcoming solar shows: The European Conference and Exhibition on Photovoltaic Solar Energy (EU PVSEC 2010); the ZeroEmission PV Roma fair; SOLARMED and Solar Power International, among others.


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