Israel Seeks Partners for 100 MW Solar Power Plant

Solar projects of this size don’t come along very often. Israel’s Ministry of National Infrastructures of Israel (MNI) is considering issuing a Request for Proposals for the construction and operation of a 100 MW solar power plant in the south of the country.

And if 100 MW isn’t a staggering enough figure, it could be only the beginning too. According to Dan Sagie of the Israel-based Rotem Industries Ltd., this initial plant is intended to be the first of five such solar plants — totaling an eventual expansion to 500 MW — which the Government of Israel hopes to have in operation during the coming years. Such a project is likely to be a large solar thermal facility like the SEGS plants constructed in California during the early ’80s. The plant would operate as an independent power producer (IPP) selling the electricity to the Israel Electric Corporation Ltd. To assist in reaching its decision, the MNI is looking to hear from companies that might be interested in undertaking such a project. Among the data which the MNI said they would find helpful: – Description of the solar technology which would be proposed, size of units, energy efficiency, size and characteristics of site and facilities required for operation, back-up possibilities (present thoughts are for approximately 30 percent fossil fuel back-up), time schedule for construction; – Experience and costs of proposed technology, number and size of units in operation, type of operation (commercial, pilot plant, laboratory plant etc.) period of operation, annual hours of operation and annual power generation, terms of commercial operation (e.g. type of power purchase agreement, not proprietary information), estimated installation costs (break-down by main sub-systems), operating costs, proposed methods for financing (e.g. project finance); – Corporate profile and power plant (especially IPP) experience should be included. The information should be sent to Ms. Ilana Levine, e-mail:, Electricity Administration, Ministry of National Infrastructures, 234 Jaffa Street, P.O.B. 36148, Jerusalem Israel 91360, no later than 1 March 2005. This information comes courtesy of Dan Sagie of the Israel-based Rotem Industries Ltd.
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