Israel Issues SolarAttic’s Third International Patent

SolarAttic announced that Israel has issued the company’s third international technology patent.

Elk River, Minnesota – July 19, 2002 [] The Israel patent offers additional protection for the company’s energy technology, which collects and distributes air evenly along the length of any duct. The new technology will initially be used in attic structures to enhance ventilation and collect heat energy more efficiently. Immediate applications will enhance attic heat collection for heating hot water, space and swimming pools along with venting the attic more efficiently when the heat energy will not be used. The technology is expected to eliminate ice-dams in those areas of the world that are affected by this structural problem directly related to inefficient attic ventilation. “The Israel patent is further recognition of SolarAttic’s energy technologies,” said Ed Palmer, SolarAttic’s CEO. “We expect our technologies to work well in many areas of the world, especially in Israel and other Middle East countries. While this technology will be used in attics to recover energy initially, it will eventually be incorporated into new homes to enhance human comfort levels.” SolarAttic has patented Renewable Energy technology that recovers solar heat from attics. Attic heat can cut home heating costs 30 percent, domestic hot water heating costs 50 percent and even eliminate the costs associated with heating swimming pools, according to the company.


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