Is Solar Changing Utilities Or Are Utilities Changing Solar?

Utilities and solar companies haven’t historically had a very positive relationship. In the past, people in the utility sector scoffed at the fringe solar industry, certain that it would never have a real impact on their business. People in the solar industry eyed the utilities with distrust, certain they were blocking progress in any way they could.

Today, as utilities start to embrace solar — even developing their own projects — that relationship is changing for the better.

In this podcast, we’ll look at the increasing involvement of utilities in the solar space. There will certainly be more conflicts as the industry scales up, changing the way both parties do business. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that utilities see solar as a necessary and lucrative investment option.

We’ll speak with Denis Dubois of Energy Priorities Magazine, who’s been following how businesses are investing in solar under utility-developed projects. He’ll give us the scoop on what kind of opportunities are available.

We’ll also discuss the evolving relationship between utilities and solar companies with Mike Taylor of the Solar Electric Power Association and Paul Alvarez of MetaVu Consulting. They’ll tell us about the market drivers that are forcing utilities to change.

Finally, Solar Marketing Consultant and blogger Solar Fred, encourages solar companies to help start a new holiday in April: National Solar Quote Month. He’ll talk about the need for solar companies to be innovative in their marketing efforts in order to educate the public about the affordability of solar PV and solar thermal. You can join the Facebook group here.

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