Iran’s Clean Energy Ambitions Move Forward

March 23, 2004 [] Iran, which has been in the political spotlight due to potentially undisclosed nuclear energy ambitions, has come into the light on yet another energy issue. This time it couldn’t be more benign. While the head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog agency recently said ” the jury is still out” on whether Iran was developing nuclear weapons, the country has revealed progress on another energy front. According to the Tehran Times, a sizeable 250 kW solar power project known as the Shiraz Solar Power Plant, will become operational next year. An untitled source named Peyman Kanan said the plant was originally scheduled for completion this year but the process had been delayed. The project would give Iran technical know-how for building solar power plants, Kanan said. The country even established a new organization specifically for what the country’s Energy Minister Habibollah Bitaraf called “new energies.” Whether those “new energies” are limited to renewable energy such as solar, wind and others cannot be independently verified.
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