Video: Global Connections at Intersolar

The solar industry is truly global. When one market heats up or cools down, the rest of the world feels the impact. That’s why many solar companies need to have a world-wide strategy to meet the challenges in building this fast-moving and ever-changing business.

Markets all around the world are inextricably linked. When the financial sector sneezed last fall, the entire solar industry caught a cold; when Spain scaled back its solar program, PV module inventory piled up and prices fell in every country; and when the tax equity markets dried up in the U.S., manufacturers in Asia saw their stock prices dip.

The same goes for all the positive developments. Germany’s development of a Feed-in tariff has sparked a global movement to adopt the policy; Spanish CSP companies are accelerating the race to grid parity in the U.S.; and the emerging American market is causing companies to branch out and position themselves for a “gold rush” in the coming years.

Understanding and navigating those global challenges and opportunities makes conferences like Intersolar an important gathering for the solar industry. This is the place where companies come to talk about new technologies, policy developments and, of course, finance.

Graham Jesmer and I walked around the 10 halls filled with 1,400 exhibitors, conducting interviews with some well-established and up-and-coming companies to see how they are faring in the current environment.

Play the video below for a glimpse at some of the discussions coming out of Intersolar. Make sure to check back for more full-length interviews from the event over the next two weeks.

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