Inter solar NA?imec will display the Silicon solar panels which the efficiency is up to 20.04%

This week, in Los Angeles?imec will display a large area of industrial grade Silicon solar panels with efficiency up to 20.04%. The cells obtained Fraunhofer ISE-Callab certification. The cells is connected with high efficiency and low cost industrial procedures.


The company created their own PERC procedure which can to maximize the improvement of conversion efficiency. The way is to optimize the structure and materials with conserve cost-effective device concepts and processes. Imec pointed out that PERC cells can meet the demand of industrial PV production. The covering area is 125×125 mm2 with Czp silicon cell, simple same transmitter and silver front-end contacts (65μm finger width). There are also two departments of panels and a Aluminum modified back-end metal. To the company’s surprise, in the industrial environment, the price may be further reduced. At present, promoting the procedure to the silicon of 156x156mm2 is underway.


This type of cells is producing on the first-trying production line that is newly created by imec. The first-trying production line equips the most advanced industrial equipment which values 10 million Euro. The production line runs very flexible. The pv inverter production of silicon can up to 1000 pieces in a week.


Dr. Jef Poortmans, the Director of Imec PV research, said, ‘The PERC cells which is simple and cost effective are the countermeasure to meet the desire of PV industry that reduces peak watt cost of silicon solar cells.

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