Install Residential Solar Panels and Become Energy Independent!

Homes consume a lot of power and currently most of all that energy comes from finite resources. The limited availability of fossil fuels creates unstable markets thus causing power prices to rise every year. This makes running your household even more expensive! How would you like to forgo uncertain power costs and generate your own electricity? You can when you install residential solar panels on your roof! Solar energy offers a  reliable and secure power source that reduces your dependence on utility companies.

Solar panels provide energy reliability

Solar energy is extremely reliable and consistent. We know exactly when the sun will rise and set every day of the year across the world. While cloud coverage and rainy days are a little less predictable, we do have a fairly strong seasonal and daily projections for the amount of sunshine that will be received in different locations.

Moreover, when you install residential solar panels with Palmetto Solar, you will remain connected to the grid. This means that you can use grid power during the night or during unfavorable weather.

Solar energy systems provide energy security

In addition to the reliability benefit of solar energy, installing a home solar power system ensures energy security. Energy security comes in the form of net metering. Net metering is the agreement between solar homeowners and their local electrical company which allows solar producers to buy and sell energy as ‘electric credits’. This means that when photovoltaic panels on your roof produce more energy than your house uses, your meter will spin backwards. This provides a credit against what energy is expended at night or any other time when your home’s power use exceeds the solar panels’ output.

Another advantage of net metering is the price of the energy that the utility company pays you. While there may be some variation, solar producers are generally reimbursed for their power at the full retail price. This means the utility company will pay you much more for power that comes from your solar energy system than for energy that comes from traditional power plants.

Residential solar panels provide energy independence

Solar reliability and security reinforce energy independence. When you install solar pv panels on your roof and become energy independent, you are locked in at lower rates! This means you will not be affected by the volatile and ever changing markets that affect power costs. You can enjoy lower rates that will never rise!

Once residential solar  panels are installed, you start producing your own power onsite! You will not have to rely on central generation of energy at a coal or power plant. Solar panels essentially work to transform your home into your own personal power plant, generating power to help reduce your energy costs and save you money!


If you are ready to make the switch to solar power and become energy independent, get in touch today! Palmetto Solar will answer all your solar energy questions and walk you step by step through the process of going solar. We install solar energy systems across South Carolina including Charleston, Columbia and Greenville and can schedule and in home consultation with one of our trusted solar specialists! Please give us a call today (855) 339-1831.


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