India’s Solar Impulse & the Ides of March…

As we near the Ides of March 2015, we shall remember this week in history for the historic commencement of the journey round the world in a Solar Airplane | Solar Impulse 2.

A journey, which through the sheer audacity of the challenge undertaken, showcases not only the advancements that Solar Energy technologies have made worldwide, but also reflects how the collective will of the human mind makes even seemingly impossible tasks achievable.

In the backdrop of this landmark for the industry, the Indian government took its own significant strides towards the achievement of the 100 GW Solar mission, with the President’s sanction being accorded to the Scheme for Setting up 15,000 MW of Grid-Connected Solar PV Power plants.

The implementation of the 15,000 MW aggregate capacity has been envisaged over 3 stages with progressively reduced financial assistance from the Government.


Tranche I : 3,000 MW : 2014-15 to 2016-17

Tranche II : 5,000 MW : 2015-16 to 2017-18

Tranche III : 7,000 MW : 2016-17 to 2018-19


Just as the Ides of March marked the transition of the historical period of the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire, may March-15 also mark the transition of india’s Energy dependance from controlled, conventional sources to sustainable, new and renewable generation mechanisms…

Here’s wishing the Pilots and the team of Solar Impulse 2 all the very best as they take Solar to the Skies, and looking forward to Welcoming them Warmly in India!

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