India Solar Roadmap Targets 145,000 MW of Solar in Next 10 Years

India Solar Roadmap Targets 145,000 MW of Solar in Next 10 Years

A new report from Bridge to India and Tata Power Solar shows that India could install 110,000 MW to 145,000 MW (145 GW) of solar power in the next 10 years. The title of the report is “How should India drive its solar transformation? Beehives or Elephants.”

It looks at four different scenarios for India’s solar power policies and market in the coming 10 years: “one driven by residential rooftops (solar bees); one led by large rooftops (solar pigeons); a utility-scale future (solar horses), or a strategy built around ultra-mega projects (solar elephants),” as pv magazine puts it.

“Indian cleantech experts Bridge to India analyzed each scenario in terms of landed cost of power (LCOP) – which measures the cost of solar power to the consumer at the point of consumption rather than generation – alongside the more traditional levelized cost of energy (LCOE). Analysts at both Bridge to India and Tata Power Solar believe that the LCOP, which can be as much as 30% higher than LCOE, should become the de-facto economic metric for measuring India’s solar potential.”

General findings are that ultra-mega plants are already competitive with coal (LCOE = INR 6.6/kWh; LCOP = INR 8.4/kWh), large rooftop systems are probably the cheapest in the long term (LCOE = INR 6.6/kWh; LCOP = INR 6.7/kWh by 2024), and the small rooftop scenario (bees) could generate the most jobs, 325,000.

The report doesn’t recommend one scenrio over the others but recommends a balanced approach that reaps the benefits of each.

Image by Barefoot Photographers of Tilonia

Originally published on Sustainnovate.

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