India began to pay attention to the trade relationship with China after China has been assessed a double anti-tariff

Gireesh Pradhan, the Secretary-General of India’s new energy and renewable department, said that their government has continued paying attention to the double anti-tariff assessed by USA to the Chinese pv inverter manufacturers. However, Pradhan added: ‘China is the second biggest trade partner. We have been working at creating a fair-competitive environment.’


Pradhan also stressed the advantage of investing in India. He thinks, ‘The common form of current global financial market provides investors a good choice for the investments of solar power in India. Also, the companies may get a financial incentive, depreciation subsidies and other benefits.’


He continued, ‘National Solar Mission is a Policy driven project including the subsidies from government. It is an opportunity and the manufacturing base of the development of the entire solar cell value chain. The condition of inside product content provides the foreign developers with the fair opportunity to invest in the construct of pv inverter manufacturing department.


However, even all the benefits are in place, the Hindu Business Line still reported that there are three companies having legal entanglement with the Gujarat State government. The dispute involves the violation of the provisions of the power purchase agreement.


The dispute between another company and the Delhi government also shows the call of government for prevent Moser Baer from constructing solar power project with poor performance. According to the Hindu Business Line, Moser Baer said in a letter for the Secretary-General of India’s new energy and renewable department, ‘We have reached an agreement to solve the problem and the same procedures also are in execution.’


However, the Indian government is still optimistic about their renewable industry of the country. The secretary pointed out that the government expects to deploy more than 25GW capacity that installed so far. ‘We have the ambition of the renewable generation capacity increasing plan. There are also numbers of gird-off and dispersion renewable energy system during the 12th plan.’

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