ICP Solar Products Track Emissions Savings

ICP Solar Technologies has long been involved in reducing harmful greenhouse emissions by producing environmentally friendly solar products. Since its inception in 1988, ICP’s Group of Companies have helped reduce greenhouse emissions by over 45 metric tons.

Montreal, Canada – May 23, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] To help inform and further develop the public’s awareness of the importance of energy conservation, ICP’s products division (ICP Global Technologies) will now be including a greenhouse emissions savings index (the “ICP Kyoto index”) on each of its product Web pages that will indicate the amount of greenhouse emissions these products will help save every year over using conventional energy sources. “The Kyoto protocol pushes us to create innovations in solar energy that will help everyone do their part in creating a more livable world for the future. We at ICP, pride ourselves in creating solutions that have a direct effect on daily lives,” said Sass Peress, president and CEO of the ICP Group. “Countries, states and provinces have created their own energy plans but in the end, we can share the opportunity to create a sustainable globe for our children.” In addition, ICP is partnering with major universities in the development of integral power systems for “zero net” energy buildings. These projects will enable ICP to support early stage, exploratory and innovative research that could possibly lead to new energy technologies and processes essential to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, improved energy efficiency and better air quality. “Almost two thirds of the energy produced in the world is derived from non-renewable resources responsible for high levels of greenhouse gas emissions we have today. Unfortunately, this situation is not improving rapidly enough, so in an effort to do our part we are offering our expertise in solar energy production to help find alternatives and processes that will improve everyone’s quality of life and by the same token reach the Kyoto protocol’s vision,” said Po K. Lau, the ICP’s chief technology officer.

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