Hydrogen Research Database Available Online

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Florida Solar Energy Center recently released a database of hydrogen research projects throughout the state. Created by the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) and maintained by University of Central Florida, the database lists projects from Florida universities conducting hydrogen research.

“Hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth, and using hydrogen as a renewable power source reduces America’s dependence on foreign oil, protects air quality and diversifies our economy,” said DEP Deputy Secretary for Regulatory Programs and Energy Allan Bedwell. “This database allows companies and universities worldwide to explore hydrogen research projects underway in Florida, which can lead to more corporate investment, new jobs and additional research.” The first of its kind, the hydrogen database identifies research being conducted at universities statewide, including the University of Central Florida, Florida International University, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, Florida State University, University of South Florida and University of West Florida. Additional research projects and project updates, whether by public or private universities, industry or government agencies, will continue to be added to the database. In addition, the database allows companies and industry leaders to tap into the expertise and research currently underway at Florida’s academic research institutions. “With so much concern these days about the cost and availability of energy, it is clear that one of the challenges of the 21st century is finding a replacement for liquid fuel,” said Florida Solar Energy Center Director Jim Fenton. “Hydrogen, one of the most abundant elements in our universe, offers a solution, but much research remains to make it cost effective. This database provides a key resource for researchers and industry partners who are dedicated to making hydrogen a reality for Florida’s energy future.” The database was created as part of “H2 Florida” and follows the recommendations of the Florida Hydrogen Business Partnership. In 2003, Governor Bush launched H2 Florida, a statewide initiative to grow the hydrogen technology industry, spur investment and economic opportunity and safeguard the nation’s natural resources. H2 Florida partners the state with industry, local governments and academia to accelerate hydrogen innovation and stimulate a consumer market for the newest hi-tech approach to cleaner, sustainable sources of energy.
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