How to Breakup with Your Power Company

Over the past few years, power companies have continuously raised their rates for the services they provide. One would think that as the rates increase so will the spectrum of services; however, that has simply not been the case. Don’t put up with paying more for less any longer. It’s time to break up with your electric company and move on to more cost efficient ways to power your home.

It’s a scary thing to end a long-term relationship, even one with your power company. If you needed to write a “Dear John” letter, it may go something like this-

. . . . .

Dear Power Company,

I’m writing you this letter to tell you that I’m leaving you. I’ve always been there for you and supported you for many years. Unfortunately, I have nothing to show for it. I had great hope that things would get better. It has not. You have continually asked for more and more; never considering my needs.

The truth is that I found someone else. Someone that cares for my family and me. Someone that cares about our well-being. Someone that understands that our future together is bright. And, someone that understands that a relationship is not just one-sided.

You may say that I need a “cooling off” period before I make my final decision. The truth of the matter is, with this summer heat, I simply can not afford it. It would cost me a fortune!

I wish you the best,

Another Happy Palmetto Solar Customer

. . . . .

On to a Better Life

If this open letter reminds you of some of the frustrations you’ve been having with your own power company and you’re fed up with the increasing rates, then call Palmetto Solar today! We will help you take control of your energy costs. You can start saving today by generating your own power and locking yourself into rates that will never go up. Schedule an in home consultation with a solar energy specialist from Palmetto Solar. Contact us today to start saving with solar!

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