Home Solar – It’s Contagious!

Rooftop solar panels are expanding at a rapid pace in the Unites States! The nation recently celebrated its one millionth solar installation and a recent study estimated that a new home solar system is installed every four minutes. As more and more people make the swap to solar, you may be wondering, what is causing this massive increase in solar installation?

Home Solar Panels – Solar Neighborhoods

There are many reasons that explain the major rise in home solar systems such as falling prices, better solar technology and generous federal solar tax credits. However, there is another lesser-known reason why residential solar has exploded, and that reason is that home solar is contagious.

Yes, you read that correctly, home solar is contagious. Studies show that installing rooftop solar panels on your home greatly increase the chances that another house in your neighborhood will install photovoltaic solar panels. Recent research by the Journal of Economic Geography found that adding one solar energy system on a block increased the average mean number of installations within a half-mile radius by 0.44.

Solar Education

Solar contagion starts with solar education. Most people still do not know much about solar energy systems, how the subsidies work or even how to begin the process of going solar. When a neighbor puts solar panels on their roof, it opens the door for conversation. It’s easy to have a nice conversation with your neighbor about their solar install and that conversation might spark an interest for a deeper understanding about your own switch to solar.

Solar Installation and the ‘Neighborhood Effect’

Solar contagion also works by the ‘neighbor effect’ — when your neighbor/friend goes solar, you learn how much they’re saving and do not want to miss out on the same saving opportunities.  A study found that one-third of homes that installed a solar system were referred by a friend or neighbor. Referrals play an important role in solar contagion, and Palmetto Solar acknowledges this through our Palmetto Solar Rewards program. There is also a competitive factor in solar power’s contagiousness, homeowners do not want to be one-upped by their neighbors installing solar panels thus increasing their home’s value while reducing utility costs — so they go and buy a solar system too.

When the first homeowner installed rooftop solar panels in a Charleston, SC neighborhood, other closely adjacent home solar systems seemingly popped up overnight.

Solar adoption bodes well for the future of solar energy. As referrals and word of mouth grow, solar installations will continue to expand, bringing down costs and saving solar homeowners even more money.

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