HelioVolt and Architectural Glass & Aluminum Partner To Make BIPV

Thin-film solar energy product producer, HelioVolt Corp. and Architectural Glass & Aluminum Co. (AGA) announced a partnership to develop and manufacture building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products. The joint offering will incorporate solar energy systems directly into standardized curtain wall products, the exterior glass facades that dominate modern urban construction. By embedding PV thin film into building materials, the solar-enabled curtain walls are designed to improve aesthetics, simplify installation and reduce operating costs for solar energy in new construction.

BIPV is a fast-growing segment of the multi-trillion global construction materials market. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that development of practical, efficient and economical BIPV products, deployed on roofs and façades of commercial buildings and homes, can generate 50 percent of the electrical needs of developed countries like the U.S.

“Driven by the inherent value of being able to generate clean electricity at the same place it’s being consumed, the market for distributed solar energy is developing at breakneck speed,” said HelioVolt CEO Dr. BJ Stanbery.

This agreement with AGA marks HelioVolt’s first partnership for delivering BIPV products to market.

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