Heliotronics Launches Online RE Database

March 15, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] Heliotronics has launched SunViewer.net, a renewable energy database that takes data uploaded from renewable energy sites around the country and allows users to access it from the Internet. Users can display the data in graphical form or they can download files that can be imported into a spreadsheet. In addition to viewing data from individual sites, the database is able to aggregate multiple systems into one output. For example, if your state had 50 schools, SunViewer.net would allow users to answer questions such as, how much pollution was avoided due to the renewable energy production of all 50 schools in one particular day. The system can store power and energy data as well as meteorological data from any site that has an Internet connection and a compatible data acquisition system. Heliotronics offers their Epiphany series data acquisition systems for this purpose. SunViewer.net enables schools and other institutions to provide national access to data from their renewable energy system. Access:
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