Hebrew Academy Installs 73 kW Solar Array

The Yavneh Hebrew Academy in Los Angeles began installing a large solar power system this week. The 73 kW system will cut the school’s electricity bill by at least 25 percent and help stabilize its energy costs at a time when traditional energy is expected to rise at least 20 percent over the next few decades.

Solar contractor Permacity started installing the system, which will eventually be comprised of 420 Schott 175-watt PV Modules and two 30-Watt Xantrex inverters mounted on the school’s new gym building. “Our new solar panels will free up funds that can more importantly be used to serve the educational needs of our students,” said Rabbi Moshe Dear the principal of the school. “Additionally, it sends a very clear message to our student body, parents, and our community that we need to be ecologically aware of our natural resources and to use them appropriately in ways that is beneficial for the long term care of our planet.” Wendy Zacuto, the school’s GS Principal, said the project will help the school’s CAIS accreditation status since the group looks particularly for schools to identify ways to save energy. Over the course of the system’s life the 73 DC kW of renewable solar power is expected to prevent 2,300 tons of carbon dioxide pollution, prevent 1,662 tons of coal being used to generate electricity and stop the equivalent of 665 acres of forest from being destroyed. Permacity said they have installed some of Southern California’s largest Solar Electric arrays, including systems powering Dryer’s Ice Cream, Otis Spudmeyer Cookies, Etney Shoes, Miller’s Honey, Trader Joe’s Salad Dressings and LA’s based Veganaise. The System should be up and running by the start of school this September. It was made possible in part by a rebate from the Southern California Gas Company, and members of Yavneh’s Board of directors.
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