Half-MW Solar Tracking System Installed in New Jersey

The Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies facility this week announced its new solar power system, consisting of ground-mounted panels that move during the day to follow the sun across the sky. The 505 kW solar tracking system is the largest and highest-output ground-mounted solar system east of the Mississippi, according to developers.

Covering just under three acres, the PowerLight PowerTracker sun tracking system maximizes the sun’s available energy by capturing 20 percent more daylight than fixed arrays, as the tracker follows the sun from early morning to late afternoon. The photovoltaic modules convert sunlight directly into electricity for use by the Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies facility. The system was furnished by PowerLight Corporation, a manufacturer of commercial-scale solar electric products. Over its 30-year operating life, it is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 7,000 tons — the equivalent of removing almost 1,400 cars from New Jersey’s roadways. “We are pleased we can play such an important role in helping to protect the environment,” said Michael Sneed, Company Group Chairman, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies. “This highly efficient system will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 260 tons per year, which is a key element of Johnson & Johnson’s Climate Friendly Energy Policy.” The system was dedicated at an outdoor celebration featuring Congressman Mike Ferguson (R-7th District), New Jersey Board of Public Utilities President Jeanne Fox, Montgomery Township Mayor Louise Wilson and other state and local officials. “New Jersey is one of the nation’s leaders in the deployment of solar power in homes and businesses,” said Congressman Ferguson. “Not only is solar power an important ingredient to reducing America’s reliance on foreign sources of energy, but it also benefits the environment and helps businesses remain competitive. Johnson & Johnson should be commended for making this important investment in reducing energy costs and protecting the environment.” In addition to the Skillman site, Johnson & Johnson has installed solar power systems at a number of other corporate locations, including Janssen Pharmaceutica in Titusville, NJ, Cordis Corporation in Warren, NJ, and Neutrogena Corporation in Los Angeles, CA.
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