Groups to Provide RE to Rural Areas of Brazil

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and E+Co have announced the selection of two Brazilian partners, Brasil Sustentável (BRASUS”) and the Instituto Eco-Engenho (IEE) to implement B-REED, the Brazil Rural Energy Enterprise Development initiative.

BRASILIA, Brazil – April 25, 2002 [] B-REED aims to develop new enterprises that deliver modern and clean energy services to the under-served populations of Bahia and Alagoas in Northeast Brazil and is part of UNEP’s US$8.6 million Rural Energy Enterprise Development program funded by the United Nations Foundation. B-REED will combine the local efforts of BRASUS and IEE with a particular hands-on approach to enterprise development pioneered by E+Co. This approach offers a combination of enterprise development services and start-up financing to new entrepreneurs or existing companies who want to enter or expand into the clean energy business sector using Renewable Energy and energy efficiency. B-REED’s services include training, hands-on business development assistance, and for the most promising enterprises, early-stage investment and assistance to secure later stage financing from more traditional investment sources, such as banks. BRASUS and IEE were chosen for their substantial experience in sustainable energy development and their presence in the Northeast, where 20 million people still lack access to modern energy services. BRASUS headquartered in Salvador, promotes integrated sustainable development through a business-oriented, multi-disciplined and locally based approach. The organization also has a presence in Brasilia, the Northeast and the USA, and is engaged in two other significant Renewable Energy projects in Brazil, as well as other climate change and sustainable development programs IEE, located in Maceio, Alagoas, conceived and implemented Projeto Luz do Sol, a photovoltaic program funded with support from the Banco do Nordeste. As a result of this program, over 3,000 domestic solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are successfully delivering clean electricity to power lights and small appliances in Alagoas in addition to PV powered water pumps and electricity for schools, health clinics, community centers and churches. IEE is also implementing the Brazil Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Program (BCEEEP), sponsored by USAID. Both groups will work closely with E+Co, a US-based investment company that has invested US$8.8 million in 74 enterprises across 34 developing countries during the past decade. Today, twenty-four of these companies are producing or delivering clean energy to more than 200,000 people, demonstrating that profitable enterprises are an effective means to provide clean energy services to rural populations and stimulate productive uses that generate sustainable income.
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