groSolar Offers Residential PV Lease in Pennsylvania

groSolar announced the launch of a new residential solar leasing program for homeowners in Pennsylvania, offered in partnership with AFC-First Financial and Middle Atlantic Solar Leasing, LP. It is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania.

The solar leasing program allows a homeowner to lease a rooftop solar electric system for little or no money down, and pay a monthly fee for the solar electricity the panels produce. Homeowners also have the option to buy the solar system outright at a later date. The program leverages state and federal incentives and aggregates Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs).

“We talk to homeowners all over the country who want to go solar – some because they want to save money, and others because they support clean energy – but many lack the cash to make the initial investment. With little or no up-front cash needed, and fixed low monthly payments for solar electricity, the leasing model makes solar truly affordable for people who prefer not to make the initial investment. That’s the solution we need nationwide in order to create a clean-energy future for America,” said Jeff Wolfe, groSolar’s CEO and co-founder.

groSolar recently opened a new office and warehouse in the Philadelphia-metro area in response to increased demand for solar from area homeowners. groSolar’s Broomall location is expected to create 30 jobs in the area, and the company anticipates that the new solar leasing option will significantly expand interest in residential solar.


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