GreenVolts & NREL Collaborate on Commercializing IMM Multi-Junction Solar Cell

GreenVolts has entered into a development relationship with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to commercialize the Inverted Metamorphic (IMM) advanced multi-junction solar cell design. The Department of Energy (DOE) has committed US $500,000 for GreenVolts to co-develop NREL’s patents and bring this new technology to market.

Under the two-year agreement NREL will transfer its IMM solar cell technology to GreenVolts so that the company can develop a customized cell tailored to its optical system, and accelerate the commercialization of the technology through its high volume manufacturing partners.

The NREL IMM technology has demonstrated one of the world’s highest reported solar cell efficiencies at 40.8 percent. GreenVolts has signed a licensing agreement with NREL to commercialize the patents. The development agreement will be completed in multiple phases.

“We believe this new IMM technology is key to a tremendous leap forward in solar cell efficiency,” said NREL Director Dan Arvizu. “We are pleased to be working with GreenVolts to both refine these advancements and provide for a viable way to bring them to market.”

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