Green Mountain Energy Donates PV System

Green Mountain Energy Company has donated a 2 kW solar electric (photovoltaic) system for rooftop installation to Eastlake High School in Chula Vista, CA. The school won the contest open to schools in San Diego County in an offer through Green Mountain Energy Company’s Solar Powered Schools program.

CHULA VISTA, Calif., — “We are pleased to make this award in San Diego County as a way help raise awareness about the importance of solar power in the fight against dependence on energy produced from fossil fuels,” said Julie Blunden, President, Western Region, for Green Mountain Energy Company. The winning school, Eastlake High School, submitted four of the best essays written by 10th grade chemistry students, along with a comprehensive outline of ways the school would incorporate the solar array into the teaching curriculum for science classes. Eastlake High School will receive: * complete installation of 2kW solar system on the school’s rooftop; * a companion curriculum, including related activities guide and CD-ROMs that provide resource materials on renewable energy relating to science, math and social studies topics; * an organized “SOLAR POWERED SCHOOL CELEBRATION” day to officially dedicate the system and provide hands-on workshops on solar power and renewable energy for the surrounding community; * formal training for teachers and building facilities personnel on system specifications and maintenance; * six-year service contract including on-site technical support. An excerpt from the winning essay by Chelsea Matz, a 10th grade student: “Opting for renewable energy is, at heart, an ethical choice. The money saved on utility bills will not make up for the cost of an installation anytime soon. It is, rather, a down payment toward a livable future and a reduction in the environmental deficit for us and our children.” The Solar Powered Schools installation will contribute to the Million Solar Roofs Initiative’s goal of installing one million solar energy systems on U.S. buildings by the year 2010. Dan Reicher, Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy congratulated Green Mountain Energy Company for their contribution. “We welcome Green Mountain Energy Company’s Solar Powered Schools program as a partner in promoting the Energy Department’s Million Solar Roofs Initiative. Educating young people about solar power helps us to spur the development of clean energy sources which, in turn, leads to a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone.” Solar Works, Inc. of Montpelier, VT ( will install the 2kW solar system, which is targeted for completion early next year. The panels will provide nearly 3,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy per year, enough power to run ten computers four or five hours per day. The installation will be used to help educate the students and community about the important role that solar energy can play in reducing fossil fuel use for the generation of electricity. To learn more about Green Mountain Energy Company’s Solar Powered Schools program, contact Alexa Hanke, 802-846-2560, or

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