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Advantages Of Solar Energy :

  • Solar energy is free. There is an initial capital cost but once you have made the investment the energy harvested from the sun costs you nothing. No one will be sending you a bill for sunshine.

  • Solar energy is abundant. Even in mid winter we are blessed with a moderate amount of natural daylight provided courtesy of the sun. Okay, it might not be sunny everyday but we are still experiencing radiation from the sun and it is this which can be gleaned for our own renewable energy purposes.

  • Solar energy is clean. It is a clean alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear power and it will never run out. It’s silent. Solar power can be captured anywhere without creating noise pollution that might otherwise up set neighbours and wildlife. It works wherever the sun shines. It doesn’t matter how remote, solar can generate energy where no other form of power can be obtained.

  • Solar energy is cost effective. Solar photovoltaic are still relatively expensive, however, the technology is growing rapidly, as is production and as a result the costs involved are coming down. Solar hot water panels have been greatly improved in recent years and, with lower cost, payback times for domestic systems can no be as short as five years. As coal, gas and oil prices continue to rise solar energy will become a viable alternative. It’s secure. We live in uncertain times and we are increasingly relying on our fossil fuel supplies coming from areas abroad over which we have little or no control.


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