Green Building Uses Inverter-less Solar Lighting Approach

[] Nextek Power Systems of Long Island, New York, announced the installation of their renewable energy lighting system in a 40,000 sq ft. Distribution Center in Rochester, New York. This LEED gold rated facility is equipped with a lighting system that uses DC fluorescent ballasts, roof-integrated solar panels, occupancy sensors, and daylight sensors for the highest possible efficiency. The building, including the lighting design, was designed by William McDonough and Partners of Charlottesville, Virginia. The system consists of 35 NPS-1000 Power Gateways connected to standard fluorescent T-8 light fixtures. The fixtures are equipped with high efficiency DC (Direct Current) ballasts. Solar panels on the roof provide most of the power for the lights while the grid provides the remainder. Using the electricity generated by the solar panels to power the lighting eliminates significant inverter losses and improves efficiency by as much as 20 percent, according to Nextek Power.


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