Grace Solar to Create a New Chapter in Japanese Market


solar power occupies a small proportion in Japanese whole power structure, but the potential should not be underestimated. In 2011, the annual installed capacity reached 1.2GW, the total ratio increased 30%. After theFukushimanuclear power plant accident,Japanhas increased investment in the field of photovoltaic power generation and construction. Compared to the non-residential dominant status of photovoltaic power generation inGermanyand US, the residential PV power stations become the main trend in Japanese market.


Grace Solar combined with the characteristics of the PV market inJapan, vigorously promoting Grace Solar residential roof and ground solar mounting system, which successfully developed Japanese market. In the golden autumn, Grace Solar ushered visiting groups of Japanese customers. The Japanese business dept. of Grace Solar is busy to introduce the company and samples to customers, leading the customers to visit the factory. Customers have expressed a strong intension to cooperate and confirm with Grace Solar engineers for the lowest cost solution and customized solution for different special condition.


Mr. Okano, on the behalf of the Japanese customers said: “Grace Solar with its customized solution can effectively promote the construction of residential solar power station inJapan, which can reduce the electricity network power consumption and losses for grid connection. Secondly, it promotes the terminal user directly to use their own power generation, which can reduce electricity network possible cost rise or repeated charges, that is conductive to popularize the residential solar power station. ”

The GM of Grace Solar said, Grace Solar will continue the principle of “custom comes first” to serve the customers with the best products and service, and increase the pace of advance Japanese market.

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