Global Warming Solutions Makes the Sun Brighter

Global Warming Solutions Incorporated, a developer of technologies aimed at mitigating the effects of global warming, yesterday introduced a technology targeting the development of clean, environmentally friendly solar power for commercial and residential use.

LETG—an acronym for Light Electric and Thermal Generator—is a new technology with an important mission: To maximize the electrical and thermal energy derived from sunlight. LETG utilizes a hybrid system to produce electricity year round even in low sunlight regions.

CEO of Global Warming Solutions, Dr. Vladimir Vasilenko explains that the LETG process increases the efficiency of photovoltaic conversion, adding “LETG employs a unique molecular solar spectrum converter—a ‘photonic quantum pump’— to shift an inefficient part of solar radiation to the effective red absorption spectrum of the silicon photocell.” In plain English, the result of this technology will be an increase in electrical output of 250%—a stunning advance in what had been considered a mature field.

Whereas solar power has to date been employed for targeted applications – heating a home or office building, for example – LETG technology holds out the prospect of solar energy being used for larger, more general purposes, such as “a new generation of power plants,” says Vasilenko.

Global Warming Solutions is currently conducting advanced stage testing of LETG solar technology, the development of which is being led by Dr. Alexander Kornaraki. The company plans to announce the test results in the near future.

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