Global Solar Energy to Produce Thin-Film Solar Cells in Berlin

Global Solar Energy, Inc., plans to invest approximately Euro 30 million [US$39 million] to set up a production facility for thin-film solar cells in Germany. The facility, which will be built at the Berlin-Adlershof science and technology park, will have a production capacity of about 30 megawatts (MW).

Production is scheduled to commence at the Berlin facility in the first half of 2008. Global Solar Energy uses copper-indium-gallium-selenide (CIGS) in the manufacture of its thin-film solar cells, which is not reliant on silicon. The company also announced that capacity at its site in Tucson, Arizona, will be expanded from its current level of 4 MW to 40 MW. The Global Solar Energy Group has already sold 80 percent of its planned 2008 production of 40 MW. Global Solar Energy’s largest customer in 2008 will be Berlin-based SOLON AG, which has held a strategic stake in the company since April 2006.
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