GiraSolar Group Executes New Orders in Solar Markets

GiraSolar Inc.’s subsidiary DutchSolar BV has received new orders from customers in Spain valued at $2,200,000. Dutch Solar has delivered and received payment for these orders.

“Government incentives in Spain including a feed-in tariff for renewable energy have made the economic conditions there more favorable for solar power,” said Koen Dirven, COO of GiraSolar BV. “The program in Spain is comparable to the incentive program in Germany, which created one of the single largest markets for solar energy systems in the world. We therefore anticipate the Spanish market to continue its fast growth.” “We are still seeing strong growth in the EU market. Within the EU, Spain is the spearhead of our efforts, followed by building our position in Greece and Italy,” said Wieland Koornstra, CEO of GiraSolar BV. “Further, we expect to continue to strengthen our position in the USA now that Governor Schwarzenegger of California has approved legislation to support solar energy in California.” “In Asia, China is projected to commit to a twenty year and $400 billion incentive program for renewable energy,” Koornstra added, “we expect that good growth rates for the entire solar industry will be continued worldwide for many more years to come.”
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