German Solar Project to Reach 4 MW

Construction of the largest photovoltaic project worldwide has started in Hemau, near Regensburg (Bavaria), Germany.

Hemau, Germany – November 8, 2002 [] SunTechnics Solartechnik GmbH located in Hamburg has been assigned to built a solar power plant with a total output of 4 MW using 32,740 PV panels, that will be mounted on a former ammunition depot and connected to the public grid. The €20 million (US$20 million) PV system will generate enough energy to provide electricity to all 4,600 residents of Hemau. “The solar power plant in Hemau is the up-to-date greatest milestone on our way to the solar age. I am sure that this exemplary project will find many successors on industrial areas, public buildings and thousands of private homes,” said Carsten Körnig, managing director of the Unternehmensvereinigung Solarwirtschaft e.V. (association of solar companies). “Climate protection starts at everyone’s own front door,” said Hans Pollinger, first mayor of Hemau. “Instead of storing tons of bullets and bombs on this area, it now gives space for solar panels that help protect the environment for our children.” Just about one year ago, SunTechnics finished the construction of the largest solar power plant in Germany at that time – a 1.6 MW facility. In September this year another solar power plant with a total output of 1.8 MW was built by SunTechnics and was the biggest until now. The output of the new solar power plant in Hemau is even higher than these two added together.
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