German retail tariff for renewable energy surcharge possible to improve 47%

TSOs of Germany will publish the official information about tariff surcharge. However, before this, Reuters revealed that the pushing for green energy will possibly improve the renewable energy surcharge to 47%. The report said that under the FIT policy, this reacted the improvement of the rate for renewable energy.


The named Umlage is the renewable energy surcharge apportioned on German customers. This fee will be improved from 3.6 Euro cents to 5.3 Euro cents next year. Renewable energy surcharge will be used to pay the difference that the renewable energy the acquisition price of renewable energy power generation more than the market electricity price.


If the surcharge improves by the above ways, the German household solar inverter electricity bill will improve about 7%. The Reuters reported that considering about other factors, the retail tariff actually may increase 11%, which will be the biggest increase in nearly 10 years.


Besides, according to the authoritative report that the new installation capacity has appeared great decline, only 330MW, while there was 612MW last year. In the July this year, the installation capacity has also reached 543MW.

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