GenSelf Corporation Launches PV Products

California-based GenSelf will begin offering Solar PV products to their residential and small business customers offering them the opportunity to generate the majority of their electric power needs on-site while saving 10 percent to 40 percent on electricity costs, with no capital investment up front.

Costa Mesa, California – September 12, 2002 [] GenSelf’s customers typically finance their PV systems through a second mortgage. The combination of free sunlight, low mortgage rates and various financial incentives for solar power and on-site generation works together to provide net electric costs that are much lower than those charged by most electric utilities in California. GenSelf is the first company to offer this totally financed package as a standard product to its Southern California customers. GenSelf has teamed with Sharp Electronics, the world’s largest producer of PV panels, to provide GenSelf customers with PV technology backed by a 25-year performance guarantee. GenSelf’s customers will receive a 2 kW to 10 kW PV system designed to provide 40 percent to 80 percent of their individual electric power needs. The low net cost of the GenSelf system enables customers to “shave” the highest level of rates off their utility bill, typically resulting in significant net savings. GenSelf customers are saving on their electric bills by taking advantage of the combination of GenSelf’s low installed price, a 50 percent purchase price rebate from the California Energy Commission’s Renewable Energy buy-down program and 100 percent financing through GenSelf’s customer finance program for their remaining cost. GenSelf’s standard consumer package is a grid-connected PV array that requires no money down and results in immediate, significant net savings on electric bills. GenSelf is committed to providing complete electric power solutions to customers seeking net savings on their bills, blackout protection, independence from the utility grid and who are appreciative of the value of generating clean, renewable electricity. GenSelf is now making its product offerings available to the greater Southern California market. It plans to soon deliver its products to all of California and ultimately to the rest of the United States.
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