Gainesville Moves Forward on Feed-in Tariff

In Gainesville, Florida yesterday, the Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) hosted a Solar Feed-in Tariff workshop for interested local businesses and residents, as well as statewide solar providers and manufacturers. The purpose of the workshop was to help guide the GRU in the ordinance it will be drafting, which will introduce a Feed-in Tariff policy mechanism to Gainesville.

The room had an open discussion on how the specifics of the draft should be addressed and which points should be considered most important. Attendees discussed the option to opt out of the tariff for a favorable net metering situation as well as why that option might not be necessary.

Business leaders and ratepayers also discussed a potential cap on the city’s FIT, how commercial land holders and leaseholders would be affected by the policy and the importance of protecting small- to mid-size producers of renewable energy through the mechanism.

The Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy (FARE), an organization that is promoting FITs throughout Florida, had a big presence at the workship. Based upon what was addressed, leaders of the organization believe that a FIT will be implemented in Gainesville in the very near future.

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