Funding Increases for Solar in Arizona

Funding for solar in one of the sunniest states just improved a notch, according to the state’s Solar Energy Industries Association (AriSEIA). In 2001, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) passed the Environmental Portfolio Standard (EPS) which establishes a goal that every utility in Arizona generate an annual percentage of its energy from a renewable resource.

Phoenix, Arizona – March 24, 2004 [] Through the ACC’s mandate, an EPS charge of $.000875 per kWh has been added to customer bills to help utilities’ fund renewable energy programs. Based on a $1,250,000 program funding cap, Sean Seitz, President of the Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association estimated the program break-out as follows: EPS Credit Purchase funds reserved for 2004 through 3/14/04 Dollars reserved – Residential grid-tie & off-grid PV less than 5 kW $314,690.84 reserved out of $500,000 (63% committed) – Commercial grid-tie PV greater than 5 kW $104,565.50 reserved out of $500,000 (21% committed) – Solar Water Heating $23,800 reserved out of $250,000 (9.5% committed – 32 systems @ $700 / system) APS offers customers, who have new complete solar systems professionally installed by a licensed contractor on their premises, the opportunity to sell the environmental credits associated with the energy generated by these systems to APS. These energy credits will be used to meet APS EPS requirements.
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