Fronius USA Upgrades Services for Installers

Service policy upgrades from the Solar Electronics Division of Fronius USA improve savings and warrantees for homeowners.

“We’ve always designed reliable products that have dramatically exceeded their warranty period, and now we’re happy to extend the value of this success to homeowners as well,” says Christoph Panhuber, International Director of the Solar Electronics Division. In addition to significant price reductions on many of the FRONIUS IG Series inverters, the program features a standard seven-year warranty on all new FRONIUS IG inverters, lower prices on 10 year warranty extensions and a $90 reimbursement policy for qualified field issues. Installers will be given brand new units within the first 90 days — not refurbished units, as is the current industry standard. Although Fronius has often shipped new units in such cases within the U.S., it is now standard policy. In addition, with Fronius’s lightweight design, inverters can be shipped overnight anywhere in the USA. “This exceeds not only industry standards, but those of other consumer electronic devices like televisions and computers,” says Gord Petroski, Director of Sales & Marketing for the US Solar Electronics Division. “This is all part of our commitment to our customers and maintaining our leadership in both quality and service.”
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