From ‘Darkness’ to Light…

There is a saying amongst Irish peasantry to inspire hope amidst adverse circumstances. It says “Remember, that the darkest hour of all, is just before the day.”

It should not evoke much surprise, if one was to find this pasted at regular intervals in the offices of India’s various Ministries under the newly formed Government! 

The new financial year in India has been marked with the firmness of resolve and dedicated intent that much of the Solar industry had been expecting to see since the announcement of India’s 100 GW Global Ambition. 

A slew of opportunities await investors and Industry participants with a diversity of risk and expertise, seemingly matched only by the diversity of India’s culture!

– On 1st April ’15 Telangana released its tender for the procurement of 2000 MW of Solar power on a long-term (25 year) basis through reverse-tariff based competitive bidding. Madhya Pradesh had already released its tender for 350 MW of Solar Power installations. of Punjab invited offers for setting up of 20 MW of Grid Connected Solar PV Plants on Canal Tops, and Karnataka furthered its initiative to establish a pilot 2MW Floating Solar Power Plant in Tukmur.

– All these announcements took place in the backdrop of the much anticipated closure of SECI’s Phase IV, Part II allocation of 23 MW of Rooftop Solar capacity tendered across 16 different States & Union Territories, and Madhya Pradesh’s 5 MW of Grid connected Rooftop Solar Projects which are to be set up on public buildings on a zero lease rental model. 

While our government moves steadfastly forward – in the face of unwavering skepticism and relentless doubt – one only hopes that the ‘focus’ of the world’s attention may serve as a ‘lens’ for other nations to see the limitless opportunity that Solar power provides.

Let it not be that the concentrated ‘intensity’ of expectation burns the spirit of optimism which has enabled India to reach this far in its quest to bring hope and sunshine into the lives of millions…who only recognize darkness, but nevertheless believe in the light of a better tomorrow.

And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.


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