Fortune Magazine Highlights Solar Concentrators

[] Fortune magazine named Phoenix-based Stirling Energy Systems as one of its 25 Break-Out companies for 2005. Stirling Energy Systems (SES) was formed nine years ago when it acquired a solar thermal concentrator system that McDonnell Douglas had built in the 1970s and married it to an engine technology invented by Robert Stirling in 1816. In the SES application, the Stirling-style engines have two sealed chambers containing hydrogen. When one is heated by the dish’s concentrated sunlight the gas expands and pushes a piston; when it cools, the piston retreats. The mechanical action turns a generator and produces electricity. The company aims to finance and construct a solar dish farms consisting of row upon row of the solar concentrators to create a large solar power plant. For a previous story on SES and their concentrators, see the following link.


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